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Trading Services
Export Agent Services

Export Agent Services:

1. Agent of exported products: Except the products the country designates or forbids operation; include imported materials processing and processing on order. Our company has Dangerous Chemicals Operating Permit.

2. Provide clients with information about all types of export businesses.

3. Handle international business negotiations and translation, sign export contracts, and obtain most preferential prices and payment terms for clients.

4. According to client demand, our company can investigate in the credit of foreign companies and provide credit insurance.

5. Transact approval documents, import and export licenses, certificate of origin, trade association pre-audit signature and other documents required for export. 6. Arrange customs declaration, inspection application, ship chartering/booking, international transportation mode and insurance.

7. After clients provide relevant data, make export documents for clients and ensure the consistence between each document, and documents and certificates.

8. Transact negotiation settlement procedures for clients, help clients resolve quality disputes, and assist foreign clients with their visit in China.

9. Provide appropriate financial support for clients who meet the company’s provisions.

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